The previous entry is now locked. The person in question and myself have exchanged our opinions and now that is that.

I do not appreciate you, GF, linking back to this blog. It has nothing to do with you, it has nothing to do with the DBFF. That entry was just me, having a rant in my blog like people do from time to time.

I also do not appreciate people using this blog as some kind of tool to have a go at people on the DBFF and outing them as having “X” amount of socks but maybe it serves them right for sticking their nose in as I now definitely know he is Frodo as he posted the same thing on both forums as GF and Frodo.

Again, only myself and the person involved know the whole story. I just dont appreciate being told what to do regardless if that was intentional or not.

ETA:  Not too sure why members of the DBFF are coming here to harrass me as what GF linked to has NOTHING to do with the DBFF but yes all this harrassment proves my point and everyone elses point that most people from that forum are quite mad. Derren knows it, Phillis knows it, the whole bloody fandom knows it and you live up to it and you wonder why Derren cant stand that forum lol. Thanks for proving my point. Do I have socks? No I dont. Only people with multiple personalities need multiple accounts. I believe if you believe in what you say you dont need to hide.

See ya’s, wouldnt want to be ya’s!


Happy Christmas from JingleCats

This will be my last entry until after Christmas so thought I’d post something a little Christmassy.

These had me fainting every 2 seconds with the cuteness and scared every 5 seconds with the utter LSDness of it. If I was on drugs, all this would be completely normal to me.



Cats slashed face sewn back on

A cat’s face has been sewn back onto its head after her fur was apparently slashed off by a car’s fan belt.

Sitches run along the entire length of Edgar's face!!

Sitches run along the entire length of Edgar's face!!

Four-year-old Edgar went missing from her home in Massachusetts for three days.

When she finally came home, her owner found her in her litter box with part of her face dangling from her head.

“When her owner saw her face, she passed out,” said surgical technician Elizabeth Kendrick.

The owner recovered from the shock and rushed Edgar to an animal hospital where vets performed emergency surgery.

Remarkably, she suffered no major blood loss or permanent nerve damage from the accident.

According to veterinary surgeon Michael Pavletic, all she needed was to have her facial skin stitched back on in an hour-long operation.

“She’ll need to take some medicine but I don’t anticipate her having any problems,” he said.

The vets believe that Edgar crawled under the bonnet of a car to try to keep warm.

Once she was inside, it seems the fan belt spun round and sliced the poor moggy in the face.

Hope you make a speedy recovery Edgar!!! Bless her… just bless!!

Cat DID NOT shoot owner!


In yesterday’s news, Rockingham County, NC sheriff’s officers reported that a cat attempted to murder his owner by gunning him down with a .45-caliber pistol — this based on the cat owner’s version of the story.

24-year-old Charlie Busick of Eden, NC, man blamed his cat for shooting him. He told deputies that he was home alone when his cat jumped up onto a loveseat — and onto his .45-caliber pistol, which then discharged. Busick was shot in the hip. He called a friend to take him to a local hospital.

Busick later changed his story according to the Sheriff’s Office. He told deputies that when he went to stand up, he placed his left hand on the loveseat. His thumb accidentally hit the trigger and caused the gun to go off. He admitted that the cat had nothing to do with the shooting.

I hope the cat successfully sues him for slander!!

For once, a happy ending. Lucky 13: The Last of the Abandoned Ridgefield Cats Find Homes

On September 30th, when the first crew of dog walkers showed up at 5:45 am at the Ridgefield Operation Animal Rescue shelter (ROAR) in Connecticut, they found thirteen cats and kittens stuffed into five cardboard carriers, at the front door of the shelter.

The abandoned cats were caked in urine and feces and all needed shots and de-worming. Some required surgery, some needed spaying. The ROAR staff and a cadre of veterinarians fired into action to care for them.

“We’re blessed at ROAR,” Jane Turner (the group’s president) said Monday, “because while we occasionally see the worst in people, we so often get to see the very best. We had a wonderful, generous response from the community when the story broke in October. Happily, each of the 13 cats and kittens abandoned at the Ridgefield Operation Animal Rescue shelter in early October has been adopted “and is settled in a loving home for the holidays.”

The last cat to find a home was MacKenzie, a 1-yr-old female orange tabby. She was adopted by Samantha King, and King’s 5-year-old daughter, Charlotte, is happy to have MacKenzie as a new family member.

“Charlotte had seen MacKenzie through the shelter window one afternoon when we stopped by, but the shelter was closed,” said King of her daughter’s first view of the cat. “We came back the next day,” she related, “and MacKenzie jumped right up on Charlotte’s shoulder. It was love at first sight for both of them.”

“We’re ready to take MacKenzie home,” she said. “She has some jingle ball toys and a new bed. She’ll be sleeping in the bedroom with Charlotte.”

Two weeks ago, Arlene Litt took another female cat, Honu, home to be a special friend to her 10-year-old daughter, Rachel. Rachel is autistic, and Litt wanted to be sure a cat would meet her special needs.

“Honu has been a wonderful match for our family,” said Litt, who also has a 12-year-old son, Jacob. “She’s a very affectionate tortoise shell, about 18 months old. Honu was very skittish the first couple of days at the house,” she explained, “but she seemed to realize that she got a lot of attention when she came out of hiding. Now she’s extremely playful, tearing into rooms, flying across the wood floor, and startling herself,” Litt described. “She has the run of the house.”

Many people sent checks, large and small, to cover the costs of the cats’ care, especially the expensive surgery six of them needed. “It’s heartening to know that in this tough economy so many in our community respond with such a giving, caring spirit,” said Turner.

Donations to help with veterinary care and shelter housing for other dogs and cats can be made online at www.roar-ridgefield.org or by sending a check made out to ROAR to 45 South St., Ridgefield, CT 06877.


Cat fur handbag anyone?

I actually find this really cute! No, it’s not the Chinese skinning cats and dogs alive for their fur again, it’s something much nicer and kinder where the animals doesn’t have to be subjected to unimaginable amounts of agony just so you can look “chic”!!!

There is a pet groomer in USA who makes purses from the fur she removes from her clients — usually done during the course of giving Persians the coveted Lion Cut.

She cards and felts the fur and makes “yarn” from it using a loom. Then she knits handbags with it. And those handbags sell for up to $300.

In trying to convert the “Eeeuuw”s to “Ahhhh”s, she points out the following:

  1. All pets are washed and groomed PRIOR to collecting their hair. The hair fibers we use are cleaner than your dog or cat that is currently running around your house and sleeping on your bed. Unless it has been bathed within the last 2 minutes.
  2. Felting requires running the product through a washing process anywhere from 2-6 times. The pet hair handbag is generally cleaner than your own clothing. Unless, of course, you have just washed it 6 times in a row and not worn it yet.
  3. Do you ever wear wool? Dog and cat hair fibers are no different from sheep hair fibers. Except that dog hair and cat hair fibers are much cleaner. After all, sheep do not usually visit their groomer once a month for a nice bath and blow dry after rolling around in the mud, muck and sheep pie (is that what it’s called?).
  4. Alpaca, Angora, Llama, Camel – are just a few examples of other natural animal fibers that are spun into yarn and used to create sweaters, purses, scarves, blankets, socks, etc. Many of the yarns made from these animal fibers can be very expensive and are quite beautiful.

One of her clients was thrilled, and said she would especially cherish the bag once her cat was gone, because she’d always have a little piece of Fluffy with her. Others said the concept, “kinda creeps me out.”

Visit Catty Shack Creations to view their lovely collection of bags or even purchase a “collection kit” where you can collect your own cats/dogs fur and make your very own clutch bag! This is the kind of thing you will receive:


Gorgeous rare white lion cubs revealed!

Two genetically rare white lion cubs born at Serbia’s Belgrade zoo have been greeting visitors!